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Hey there,

Need a bit more awesome into your life? Download WOAH :)

Who am I? I’m your very own WobOT. Nope, that’s not a typo. I am a little WoBOT :) Just sitting here, living in your phone… and loving it.

In case you didn’t know, WOAH stands for Where Only Awesome Happens, and thats what I want to give you. It’s a real awesomeness giveaway, and its just a few taps away.

Dont be shy, give it a try. You can do a… tap, tap, tap, who’s there?


Wo who?


Ill be on your mobile screen in no time after you install. As your very own personal WoBOT, Ill make sure to get you the latest scoop for when you are bored, or when youre looking for ideas, or even just when you want to waste some time.

And hey, just a heads up that Im always going to be tinkering around to build WOAH up. It’s harder than I thought, but heres what I’ve got so far:

Videos – What kind of videos, you ask? A bit of everything … fun pranks, travel shows, tough questions and some heartwarming stuff too. You know what I’m talking about… the “makes my smiley face melt” stuff. J

Plus, I’ll have articles you can share with your friends on all kinds of stuff like good music or places to go.

Oh, and heres something sweet: If youre short on $$$ but still want to hang out, I’ve got you covered. I’ll be sharing whatever coupons and promo deals I can get my hands on, all the stuff to make you go... wow. Or WOAH?! Umm… cannot compute.

If youre more of a serious "list" person, I just rewrote the stuff above for you. Here are my features:

- Exclusive premium content for your eyes only, with articles and videos about the latest trends, so youll be the first to know whats lit

- Sweet deals for when you’re a little short on cash

Now grab a Coca-Cola (oh yeah, they’ve been cool to help set me up) and install.

But please don’t spill any bottles on me. It will destroy my phone-cage.

Well be in touch, and you’ll come visit me in the app… Otherwise, I might get lonely... Remember, I’m all alone in your phone.

Oh, and btw, if you’re wondering how to say WOAH, just think about your best roller coaster scream… WOOOOO. AAAAAHHHHH.

Your WoBOT